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Common Questions

 What is required for driving lessons?


  • Proper eyewear including sunglasses on sunny or snowy days, glasses or contacts if needed. 

  • Proper footwear - footwear should be comfortable and secured to the foot. No Flip Flops!

  • Drivers license - the physical card. A picture of one does not count.

  • The instructor has the right to stop or cancel the lesson without notice if the student is not prepared or does not have their license or it is expired.


How long do I have to complete the course?

  • Alberta Transportation requires students to complete the full course within a 12 month period. You must finish the full certificate program within 12 months from the date you begin in order to be eligible for the insurance discount certificate. Arrangements can be made for an extension in special circumstances.

  • We keep your paperwork for two years. If it has been longer, you will have to take the entire course again. If you paid for the full course and didn't finish, we will credit the unused amount to the new course. 

For the certificate program, what happens if I fail?

  • For the Classroom theory: if you fail the exam you would be required to sit the 15 hours of class time again at no additional charge. You get 3 chances at the exam before a retake would be required.

  • For the online theory: if you fail the 3 attempts at the exam, you would be required to complete the online course again. There will be an additional fee for retaking the online.

  • For the driving time: failure to achieve a 75% on the driving just means a student may need to purchase an extra hour or two for re-evaluation.  In cases where this happens, we ask the student to go and practice first, and come back to us when they feel ready. Instructors will be able to give students feedback so they know what they still need work on.

Can I use my own car?

  • Unfortunately, the answer is no! The driving school cars are legally equipped with a brake on the instructor’s side, extra mirrors and exterior signage, making us safer and more visible.

Do I have to do all of the classroom hours?

  • Yes, to be eligible for the certificate at the end of the course, all modules plus the written test must be completed.

Will I still get a certificate if I take the online class option?

  • Absolutely - the online course option has been approved by Alberta Transportation.

Can I have some standard shift lessons?

  • Yes, standard shift lessons are only available in Red Deer and there is currently no additional charge.

Can I use the driving school car for my road test?

  • Yes, but only if your instructor thinks you are ready for the test.

I’m not good at written class work, or there is a language barrier – how can I pass the written test at the end of the classroom?

  • The classroom instructor will work with you one on one as long as you need, and an oral exam is available if you require it. If at the end of the classroom portion of the course you do not feel you are ready to attempt the written exam, you are welcome to sit in on the classroom modules again at no extra charge. Parents or spouses are welcome to sit in classroom sessions with you.


Will I be ready for my Class 5 road test at the end of this course?

  • Only if you have had previous experience or are prepared to practice between in-car lessons. The more students are able to practice with their friends and family between lessons, the greater the chances of passing the test first time.

Can I purchase extra in-car hours?

  • Extra hours can be bought at a reduced rate if needed, on a pay-as-you-go basis.

What if I lost my certificate?

  • We can send you a scanned copy of our duplicate. Most offices will accept this. We cannot send out another original copy. 

Please note: research has found that the average new driver needs approximately 30 hours of practice time in addition to the 10 hours of the basic driving course.

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