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Standard Shift

Starting to drive a car with a manual transmission can be a frustrating experience for many people, so here's a quick video, made by one of our instructors, that demonstrates the basic skills required operate a vehicle with a manual transmission.  

Changing a Tire

A short and very in depth video of how to remove a flat tire and replace it with a spare. Remember to keep the spare tire and tools in your car at all times. Its also a good idea to have an emergency kit in your trunk year around with a few extra things during winter such as a small shovel to dig your vehicle out if needed.


Red Deer has a specific website just for Roundabouts that has lots of information and four videos including the one below. Just remember to look ahead for signs and pavement markings to choose the correct lane, vehicles in the traffic circle always have right of way to vehicles entering and you should never lane change within a roundabout.

Additional Practice

Make sure to head to the Transportation Alberta website for class 7 practice exams and more.


You can also check out Fleet Safety for more online courses such as defensive driving which removes three demerits from your license.

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